BullToken Community Platform is now Live

Good News for the all the BullToken Investors, the ‘BullToken Community Platform’ MVP is as promised released for Community testing.  The platform was released the day before the BullToken main-sale went live.

BCP Login

We were eager to share this news with you and wanted to let you know how fast things are progressing on the back-end. The sprints are going at full throttle and our designers and developers are working day in and day out to offer a platform that you’ll fall in love with.

We wanted you to test the waters and check the flow. We have already received some great feedback on the platform, but we would love to hear what you have to say too!

How to get started on the BullToken Community Platform:

  • As a BullToken Investor*, you can simply login onto the community platform using credentials with which you registered on www.BullToken.tech.
  • Add details onto your profile page and don’t forget to add an ‘image’.
  • The 2-week ICO submission period is on. As Karma is not accessible as of now, you can submit as many ICOs as you wish.

As this is just the MVP, you will be able to start the discussion on the ICOs post the 2-week submission period, when the voting period begins, on the ICO discussion board you can:

  • Comment and reply (VB 1 + 2)
  • Follow and unfollow the submitted ICOs (VB 1 + 2)
  • Upvote and Downvote the submitted ICOs (VB 1 + 2)
  • Open results / Trending ICOs (only in VB P2)

Now that you know what all you can do on the platform guys, go right ahead, Login and see and we are waiting eagerly to hear what you think about the platform.

*BCP platform can only be accessed by BullToken Investors

Until Next time!