The Investment Advisory Board (IAB) is one of the core concepts of BullToken’s way of operating.  The responsibility of the IAB is to make sure that the community always makes investments that are within the ethical and financial guidelines of BullToken.  The IAB members will also actively take part in the ongoing platform-discussions, using their expertise to guide the community towards beneficial investments.  

IAB is the Final Frontier 

Although the BullToken Community shares in the responsibility of performing collective due diligence of the projects we will invest in, we have one last security feature in place. To secure our community investments are not placed in projects destined to scam or fraud its investors, the members of the IAB will have the very important task of performing a last round of due diligence on the projects the community has chosen as its winners.  

In the scenario where the BullToken Community has chosen to invest in a project that the IAB deems to be fraudulent or unethical or does not fit the Community Portfolio Approach, the IAB is required to discard this Investment Proposal and publish a document to the Community explaining why any specific Investment Proposal has been discarded. 

Strategy Planning  

The Community decides every action BullToken will collectively take. However, in order to ensure an effective progress, the IAB will be entrusted to develop strategic plans. The plans will stretch to 1 quarter at a time. A minimum of 4 strategy plans will be created out of which one of the strategies will be marked as “IAB Favorite”. This badge will be attached if 5 or more IAB members favor one strategy over the others. 

Who sits on the Investment Advisory Board?  

The Investment Advisory Board (IAB) will consist of 6 members; 3 members from the BullToken Community, and 3 members who are finance- and technology experts from BullTech AS, the founding company behind the BullToken project.  

The initial IAB members from the Community have yet to be voted on, but for the time being BullTech has appointed 3 highly capable stand-in candidates to streamline an effective kick-off of the Community. 

We are proud to present the current members of the BullToken IAB. 

IAB Members from the Community 

  • Simon Cocking: Simon is a business mentor and advisor working with 20+ successful ICOs to date. He has been rated number one on ICO bench with a total of 221.2 ISS (ICO Success Score. For his talents, he received the Irish Web Awards 2014 for best Science and Technology category and winner of Littlewoods Best Ireland Blog for Digital and Tech in 2016. 
  • Paul Scott: Paul is an experienced financial services executive with high-level appointments across 3 continents and reached the position of Bank Treasurer at the age of 36. He is the founder of Trona, a digitization and big data optimization company which specializes in ICO, Blockchain, and Fintech technologies. Paul is also a leader at the Blockchain Advisory Council LLC Johannesburg area, South Africa. His most recent project, Faceter, raised $28.6M in a sold-out token sale during the toughest period for ICO’s in Q1 of 2018. 
  • Joseph CawleyJoe advises clients on SEC compliant ICOs with a global team of over 300 blockchain/crypto/ DLT/decentralization advisors, consultants, financiers, and legal experts in 18 time-zones. He offers stealth second opinions to entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations on financial transactions where fresh eyes independent of internal and external transaction teams might be required, when bias or misaligned shareholder interests are of concern.  

IAB Members from BullTech 

  • Raymond Øverlie: Raymond is the Chief Executive Officer at BullToken. He is a start-up advisor and Venture Capitalist who studied at the Harvard Business School and has 20+ years of experience of investing in Financial Markets.  Throughout his long career, he has earned a unique experience in different fields as a Partner, Chairman, board member, Forex, stock and derivatives trader, CEO and CFO. 
  • Ian Scarffe: Ian is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and consultant with business experience from around the world. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million-dollar companies. 
  • Ashish Anand: Ashish Anand is both an entrepreneur and an advisor. He plays the role of CFO for a host of Businesses assisting them with Growth Strategy, Investment & Expansion Strategy, IPOs, Financial Planning, Financial Management etc. In the Crypto space, Ashish advises investments in AltCoins/Tokens and is also the founder of an inclusion focused Blockchain based Lending organization.