Eugene Podkovyroff ICObench

Eugene Podkovyroff joins the BullToken Advisory team

Yet another highly skilled advisor joins the rapidly expanding BullToken team. Eugene is a renowned, international entrepreneur, humanitarian, VC, business mentor and science tech influencer. Eugene says this about himself:

“Graduated in Finance in 2010 and working in this field since 2007, I’ve got involved with Crypto world since the very early days of Bitcoin. Mined a few, spent and bought with some profit – you know, like many of us back than. I’m still keeping my old laptop, which mined a couple of Bitcoin blocks, still has my HD 5870, which I bought with a 4 months worth of noodle diet savings, and it was one of my best investments ever. And I’m still keeping most of mined in 2011-2013 coins (and their derivatives), unlike many of my friends back in those days. So, basically, I’m a very long-term investor and therefore long-term strategic projects is what I prefer in the ICO field. Some abilities in Finance, Maths and Critical Analysis is what I rely on during any ICO evaluation, advising or management.“

With the community focus that BullToken has, highly skilled people like Eugene is at its very core. Having such members in the community will ensure the highest quality possible for all the proposals and votes. This in turn keeps the legitimacy and efficiency of the platform.

The BullToken team is certainly glad to have Eugene on board and is looking forward to a healthy and prosperous relationship with him and his team. Welcome to the BullToken Community Eugene!

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