BullToken Main-sale Whitelisting Open

Today is the day! The race has officially started, and we are happy to announce that as an investor you can now whitelist your ERC20-compatible wallet address. We are prepping up for the main-sale and thought you would want the same before the time for investing comes i.e. April 3, 2018. We are experiencing a lot of interest from across the world, so we recommend initiating the whitelisting process as soon as possible.


What is whitelisting?

In order for BullToken to make sure that we can invest in as many ICOs as possible in the future, we want to be compliant with the KYC standards out there. Right now, this isn’t a requirement but BullToken has never been about what is required, it’s always been about what is best. Therefore, we need to have control over who our investors are. The way we chose to do this is through whitelisting.

Nerd-alert! Whitelisting is a protocol encoded in the smart contract that lets the smart contract know which investors to trade with, and who to block out. A whitelist is simply put a list of data that is allowed certain rights, in this case, the right to shop BullTokens from the contract. On the opposite side of the scale is its more famous brother, the blacklist. As you might know, a blacklist is a list of data that is denied certain rights. In order for the incoming investment to be accepted by the smart contract, the ERC20-compatible wallet address from which the investments come has to match an address in the whitelist.

What happens if my ERC20 wallet is not whitelisted?

Well… any investment where the originating address does not match one in the whitelist will be rejected. The smart contract will not accept the investment and will simply send the funds back.
Don’t worry, you can again request to whitelist your ERC20-compatible wallet address during the main-sale. However, you are risking not getting in on the great discounts offered in the first few days, as the whitelisting process might take some time.

Is it hard?

That’s the best part about it, it is actually really easy! All the hard stuff is automated and handled by our programmers. The only thing you need to do is follow the investment process on https://bulltoken.tech. And in the end, you will be asked to paste in your ERC20-compatible wallet address, and once you do, you are all done. That’s it!